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The Slaying won’t stop here.

I am collecting stories of sexual assault from women primarily working in sex work. I will collect submissions on my instagram in DMs. I will create and illustrate a character of power to associate with each story: deities, goddesses, totems, general bad bitches, icons, etc. where they will be printed next to each other in a book.

This project will help eliminate long standing shame of sex work and of sexual assault by humanizing it with aggressively unabashed accounts, changing the narrative from "rape victim" to "victor of trauma and social stigma".

This story has been told very recently in court and in other legal and socio-political platforms, but has not been shown in a visceral retelling of gripping, personal stories and illustrations that capture the strength of conquering one's personal struggles with rape.

The Billboard

“My name is Stephanie. I was raped by a guy like this in a place like that. I told the club and the police, but no one did anything. So I painted this billboard.”

I was convinced by my collaborative partner Trustyscribe to take legal action even though I had no faith in it. I wasn’t surprised when months went by and my story was still met with apathy by management, lawyers and the police.

Even more months later we birthed the idea for this amazing art piece to retaliate and for me to take my power back in my most natural form of expression.

We all stand in solidarity in our collective trauma. I see us all standing tall and strong in the face of this 💪🏼

photo by Impermanent Art

Blessing or a curse...


In the midst of an abandoned concrete factory in northern Washington, this piece was created as a contribution to the eeriness of the surrounding energy. Using both acrylic and spray paint, this "Queen of the Underworld" was painted at the entrance of the space as either a blessing or a curse for all those that walked through.